Founded in 1999, BrainGroup is a organization focus in consulting and investing in association that have sustainable development thinking, aid business person and businesses assert competitive strength and enhance brand value on the market.

Vietnam companies often lack of 3 materials: (1) Good product ; (2) Quality staff ; (3) Intensive management system, therefore low of competitive rate, unsustainable. In order to have a fine asset, human resources often require financial investment and a good operating system need to be built, BrainGroup is please to invest in association financially and provide operating system for each affiliate association to achieve its mission.

Member of BrainGroup including: BrainMark, BrainSoft, BrainCoach, BrainWork, BrainEco, BMG Business Training, Insitute of International Business Management and affiliate association

Thank you

In the process of formation and development, the success of BrainGroup is thanks to the help of our Customers, Partners, Employees, Community … In which customers play a decisive role. With customers, we are committed to the lifetime confidentiality of the information customers provide, a lifetime warranty of the services we have deployed. Because we are very aware: “Customers are the people who feed us”. Therefore, Gratitude to customers is a beautiful phrase and we have to voluntarily do it, no need to be reminded.

On the occasion of the birthday of BrainGroup, on June 11th every year, we would like to express our deepest thanks to all our Customers, Partners, Staffs, Community … Wish all of you successfull and happy.



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