Over the years, as a tribute to the community, with the spirit of giving will be received back, BrainGroup has always been interested in and participated in many volunteer programs, helping people who are still struggling in life.

Starting in 2011, every year on the occasion of Tet holiday, BrainGroup organizes the program “Warm Spring” with the desire to bring the warmth of spring, joy, happiness to the destinations that need help. The program has received the support and donations from the generosity of the company’s staff, lecturers and students coming to BMG Business Academy.

BrainGroup builds a WISHING MEMBERSHIP charity fund with the purpose of appreciating life. The fund has the participation of BrainGroup members and the brothers with the spirit of sharing, gratitude and kindness, who are willing to set out for difficult lives, with practical actions and prayers for life. live happily and happily for everyone. Currently, the group has implemented many volunteer programs such as sponsoring 5 lonely elderly people in Quang Ngai monthly for life, receiving information and organizing visits and giving gifts to lonely elderly people in the region still faces many difficulties, shares and encourages people with disabilities, who are not so lucky in life …

In addition, BrainGroup also responded to the call of charitable organizations, accompanied with the Golden Lotus Association to love to sponsor the construction of bridges in Kien Giang, helping the traveling of people here are convenient and easy. , contribute to improving the lives of people.

Team BrainGroup