Gratitude is a philosophy of life, a wonderful quality, a cultural center, a very specific feature of the BrainGroup …

Gratitude is an intellect in life, derived from love and responsibility, the most powerful weapon to eradicate many obstacles of life.

Gratitude has long been formed in the culture of the BrainGroup, and anyone who has a working relationship with the Group will be acknowledged and grateful, that is not only customers, partners but also employees. shareholders, community … This is a beautiful mindset, a healthy mentality for all of us. With Gratitude, life will be nourished and pure light will always be by your side, helping BrainGroup people work smarter and more successfully.

At BrainGroup, every year, the program “Gratitude for Entrepreneurship” on November 20, gratitude to employees for every action, every project, reward for employees at BrainGroup without any appointment, reward any Who, whenever. Program “Warm Spring” for the lonely elderly, small children every spring has been implemented over 10 years, the program “Building concrete bridges, erasing monkey bridges” has always been interested in implementing …

With customers, we are committed to the lifetime security of the information we provide, lifetime warranties of the services we have deployed. Because we are very aware: “If parents are the ones who were born into fostering while at home, then the customers are the ones who support us when they go to work, not everyone else.” Therefore, Customer Gratitude is a beautiful phrase and we must do it voluntarily, without any prompt.

At BrainGroup you understand that Gratitude is to express gratitude and forgiveness even to those who have hurt themselves, then BrainGroup’s life will be full of love and full of happiness. If your past work is uncomfortable or you feel unsuccessful at the Group, it may be because your thought of Gratitude is not strong enough, you do not practice Gratitude at work at the company. Who knows Gratitude for life, life will pay back.

“Sincerity – Honest – Gratitude” is always an inseparable 3T, a guideline that leaders and employees of BrainGroup learn from sages and are proven to be the basis of a thousand happy life. now on.

The sky is clear, the air is fresh, the sun is bright, the life is beautiful, the brothers are happy, why are you unhappy? At the Group, every day we interact with each other, we work with people who live with pure spirit of 3T, there’s no reason we don’t have love in them, if you haven’t felt love If you love yourself fully, consider yourself before judging them.

The universe is fair, only we are not fair in our conduct. In principle, you cannot cover your own darkness to obscure the collective light … You just for the common, to nurture common success, so you succeed and you have Gratitude .

Today, the heart is still beating and the smile still on the lips has been a great privilege. You are a parent’s child, a student of a teacher, an employee of some boss … was blessed. Then you can be a parent, be a teacher, be a boss … then are you too lucky? If you do not have the gratitude to reign, you will not be able to do it completely.

BrainGroup has decided to select October 15 every year as “BrainGroup’s Gratitude Day”, this day we will not work, we spend a day together to thank our parents, spouses, teachers, colleagues … the people you owe them to yourself to get you today. Today we are responsible for thinking about them, writing them a letter, sharing your thoughts about them, about you, about your children, colleagues, about this peaceful life …

When you have a little difficulty in your work or life, think about the people who are regaining life every minute of the hospital, who are struggling against adversity every day out there, then you will be full of compassion, your kindness can achieve the state: “people love me and I love everyone”. Or those who are negligent at work or lack of effort, please think about tomorrow’s failure to come near, so the result of tomorrow will make you happy, very simple because it is cause and effect.

It is often said: “You give a rose, the fragrance will be left in your hand.” In life, you should learn to be Grateful, cultivate everything with love and responsibility. You know Gratitude means the more you give, the richer your life is, the more you give, the more meaningful your life will be. And they are from today, the BrainGroup Group website will open a new page – “Gratitude” to remind us all about this culture.

Every day we breathe the air, live in a peaceful nature, we have to know Gratitude, let alone be born, you grow up, you can work, you will be shared … living with the spirit of Gratitude, practice Gratitude, life will give back what you want.

Nguyen Thanh Tan, Chairman of BrainGroup