BRAINGROUP Gratitude To Customers

Gratitude is the beauty of the BrainGroup and gratitude to customers is the message that the Chairman of BrainGroup Corporation Joint Stock Company constantly reminds its member companies.

The Chairman of BrainGroup has always reminded the management team: “the customer is the one who feeds us”, so the customer service needs a lifetime warranty, no costs incurred during the warranty. Each customer who came to BrainGroup was personally met by Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan, Chairman of the Group, sharing about the responsibilities of BrainGroup’s service.

With more than 20 years of service implementation in Vietnam market, BrainGroup always sets the criteria to understand customers as the service deployment platform. Only understanding can perform services to satisfy customers. After the survey, BrainGroup deploys speedy, creative and influential services to positively change businesses.

Every year, BrainGroup deploys Quality Control Board to each enterprise, listens to customer service feedbacks for timely solutions. Because customers are satisfied and growing, then BrainGroup exists

BrainGroup Team.