On September 28, 2019 BrainMark, a member of BrainGroup, has completed a training course for Saigon Food Company on teamwork skills. Program for 50 management personnel of the Company. The program also had the participation of Saigon Food’s leadership as a guest.

Training to improve the skills of managers and employees in the Company is an essential and regular need of Saigon Food. By the method of practical application mainly, BrainMark’s training program is packaged in one day. The course consists of 5 main parts: An overview of teamwork, the principles of successful teamwork, methods of communication to reach consensus, division of work, understanding of the individual characteristics of team members. In addition, the course also helps students understand the meaning of teamwork as a “total achievement” will be higher.

Deputy General Director of Saigon Food Le Thi Thanh Lam said that this training program has contributed to improving discipline and solidarity and mutual support in the work of “Saigon Food people”. She also highly appreciates the role of BrainMark lecturer when integrating the training program of mini-games with practical applications.

Established on July 18, 2003, Saigon Food specializes in manufacturing and trading of frozen seafood and processed foods for export and domestic markets. Saigon Food has now become a high-growth enterprise with a staff of nearly 2,000 people. The company owns 4 factories producing frozen processed foods and high-class instant foods with a total area of ​​nearly 24,000m2 with cold storage systems, modern freezing equipment, and management systems meeting national standards. ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP, BRC, Kaizen, 5S.

Team BrainGroup